And Then were None

Penulis: Ares Hutomo.

I stepped out from the church. Bright blue sky to see and the crowd waiting. Even you spent most valuable time to take down on your knee, Begging for something or just be thankfull for all you have, you always feel tired but for me tired just a matter of time. I just feel free when doing that, feel innocence by comprimize with God and release your anger in the right place. The problem is, at this time, Im not doing that in my reason. Im going to church not to wash my sin,not to be thankfull with and not release my anger and be free. I’m here today, just for ask His permission. Permission to left him a while. Just a while, once for a whole my life.

I just wondering how to doing this. Revenge is not only way to make you move away from your society. Your God is always watching you above. Is not a matter of self pride because for me, isnt worthy when you felt you blame someone else then you stay stuck in your adorable life. My best friend ever told me: ‘you dont know how to wake if you never felt’. Short sentences with the deepest meaning.

If you ever felt once in your life, you must learn at the first. What is your fault? What is your weakness then ask yourself inside: WHY I felt??? WHY can determine the way you wake, it doesnt matter how hard you felt, you always can jump higher to the sky you reach or the mountain you dream for. Find the way then you will survive.

Now, how if someone felt and doing the same thing over and over again? If you get involved on their way, you dont need asking permission to the God. Even you just help them by your power, God just give you a test how to react if you get involved such a circumstances. Then back to the real question, how if someone felt and doing the same thing over and over again? The simple answer just: They never learn.

Some stinky animal can be train to change because of his habbit  but some well educated person can not be changed because of his character. You can train a dog to be your puppet and hanging out together but you cant ‘train’ a human to change and fix their life. It depends on them. Depends on their way, their purpose,and they will to lived. Im thinking about it now, theres no need to ask permission to my Lord, Dear JC if I failed to change their life. Life is a whole circle, everyone has their chronicle of life. It is not my duty, your duty or anyone duty to be filled in someone circle of life. When you get upside after you felt down, you always remember that sometimes you could be laydown on your own land. If that must happen on your way, the chronicles of life teach you one thing:

If the past doesnt give you a lesson, your future will.

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